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1. start

We'll get to know you…

…and you'll get to know us. Because, for the collaboration to bear fruit, it is important that the chemistry is right. In a first meeting, we will explain to you what services you can expect from us. We'll discuss your personal situation and future plans, and we'll gather all the information we need for successful financing.

We then determine your financing requirements and draw up an initial financing concept. At the same time, we define exactly which property and credit-worthiness documents are required for the mortgage.

If the fit seems right, you can ask us to take the next step.

2. preparation

We are entering the "hot phase"…

…but without losing our heads. We will systematically collaborate on the optimal financing for your project.

With our help, the goals you have set are brought into line with the possibilities and offers of the banking world. After all, there is much more at stake than just the “perfect” interest rate: the monthly payment - now and in the future, terms, fixed-interest periods, special repayment possibilities and options, subsidies, construction period and provision interests, tax objectives, specifications of the property purchase contract, etc. Only the consideration and balanced combination of all details will make the financing really smooth. The result is a financing concept tailored to your personal situation and approved by you.

This is checked with regard to the daily updated guidelines and conditions of the banks in question. You will then instruct us to submit the financing application to your preferred bank.

3. application

We're getting down to brass tacks…

…and will discuss the present loan agreement offer with you in detail.

We will present the loan and collateral agreements and all other contractual documents in detail and explain unusual formulations and regulations and their practical significance. You should know what you are signing!

If you find that your ideas from the financing concept have been optimally implemented, you can secure the conditions by signing. We will quickly return the contract documents to the bank and coordinate the next steps with you.

4. payment

The money arrives…

…but only if everything fits.

In order to ensure that the loan disbursements show up on time, in the agreed amount and to the right account, we make sure - with your help - that all contractually agreed disbursement requirements are met punctually. Should your situation change and a need for payment readjustment arise we will talk to the bank and find a practical solution.

As far as possible, we check and monitor the payment due dates and payout orders and follow up as a precaution to ensure that all payments are made on time.

5. follow-up financing

After the game…

…is before the game.

Because when the first fixed-interest period expires, the construction financing is usually not yet over. We monitor the fixed-interest periods of your financing, observe the general interest rate development and, if necessary, make suggestions for follow-up financing long before the contract expires. And because many things can change in life, we take a detailed look at your personal, family and professional situation for each follow-up financing - just as we do for the initial mortgage. In this way, we secure the optimal financing until "the last stone" belongs to you.

6. forms

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